Why Epona?

Experience To Share

Having experienced divorce and lived through the “year of fear”, I understand firsthand how daunting the experience of a major life change can be. I knew I could use my Wall Street background to help others navigate life’s financial challenges and so I started Epona Financial Solutions. The Epona name came as a result of research on the internet about inspiring figures. Someone told me to find a goddess…and I did.

In Celtic traditions, Epona is known as the “horse goddess”, protector of animals and of one’s dreams, hopes and ambitions. A nurturing caregiver, Epona is thought to provide protection to families, children and women who are about to give birth or when venturing on a new path in life. She was called upon to help the ancients during difficult life events such as grief and loss and is believed to help manifest blessings and prosperity.

In selecting Epona, I hit the nomenclature trifecta:

  • Rebirth.  A second career for me and a new life for many of those I work with.
  • Abundance.  Don’t you want someone working with your money to be blessed with it?
  • Protector of horses.  I’ve been riding horses since I was 12 years old.

Our Values

  • Educate and engage people to take control of their financial future.
  • Inspire individuals to become involved and move forward with confidence in their financial lives.
  • Provide unbiased and independent thinking and make it straightforward and uncomplicated.
  • Design customized plans to meet each client’s goals.

Epona from Gannat, France

A bas-relief found on a building in Gannat, France.

Epona of Denon, France

This image from Denon in Gaul shows Epona, seated on a mare with a foal at her side, with her hand bestowing blessing.

Uffington, England

The prehistoric White Horse of Uffington in Great Britan may have been an effigy to the Celtic Goddess Epona.

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